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LRA is heading to Dar es Salaam

Watch out Africa! In July, the intrepid Land Rover AFRICA Magazine team, complete with a film crew and celebrity chef Reuben Riffel, will be driving, filming, exploring and cooking our way through sub-Saharan Africa. In three, unmodified Freelander vehicles, the team will head to the Tanzanian capital of Dar es Salaam for an unforgettable African adventure.


From 3 – 25 July, the Land Rover AFRICA team will leave Cape Town and drive 6 000 km to Dar es Salaam in Tanzania – thanks to Land Rover South Africa. Not only is our aim to promote overland tourism in sub-Saharan Africa, but also to get readers off their bums, into their Land Rovers and show them that travelling in Africa isn’t such a scary experience after all.

Our editor-in-chief Andy Mark and technical editor, Ian Theron are both experienced overlanders and have been traversing Africa since pa fell off the bus. They’ll be showing readers how to execute pain-free border crossings and of course, all the magnificent sights and sounds of Africa.

Not only that, but thanks to Wilderness Safaris, we’ll be visiting several luxury lodges along the way and investigate how these lodges have impacted on local communities. The film crew will document the journey as Reuben seeks to find the quintessential African dish. His discoveries will feature local produce and cooking styles unique to the continent and then later be published in a travelogue. Thanks to Culinary Equipment Company, quality cooking utensils, pots and pans will be supplied to Reuben.

We’ll also be tracked in real-time using satellite tracking thanks to the guys at Altech Netstar, and our progress can be followed on their website, which will be linked to our social media where great prizes will be awarded on a weekly basis to readers who participate in our competitions and guess our distance travelled. LIKE us on Facebook ( or follow us on Twitter (@LandRoverAfrica).

Thanks to Nikon South Africa, there’ll be no shortage of quality recording equipment. They’re supplying us with state-of-the-art camera and recording equipment, like their Nikon D800 camera. We’ll also look to pitch the edited material to major television networks in South Africa and abroad.

We hear our editor-in-chief and sponsors’ thoughts on this exciting upcoming African adventure:


editor-in-chief (Land Rover AFRICA Magazine)

Andy, our editor-in-chief is an ex-rally driver and no stranger to the African continent. He’s completed several trans-continental journeys and will captain our voyage to Dar es Salaam.

Tell us about the last time you traversed Africa?

AM: When we did the Put Foot Rally in 2012, we had a really fun time. However, it went by too quickly and we did way too much driving. The sights and sounds of Africa really blew me away. The friendliness of the locals and the gobsmacking beauty on our doorstep is one of the most enjoyable things in Africa. The only time we really had to engage 4×4 was when we towed a Toyota out of a hole on a beach in Mozambique.

What was the inspiration behind this expedition?

AM: Africa has a bad reputation for being a bit of a basket case – and the truth is far from that. Many South Africans are in greater danger living in the affluent suburbs of Cape Town or Johannesburg. In fact, on the Put Foot Rally, there wasn’t a single time or event where we felt threatened. We were comfortable leaving all our goods on the roof rack of the Disco. Apart from a few touts running scams at border posts, the trip was remarkably event-free.

What’s so significant about the vehicles we’re using?

AM: We’ve chosen the Freelander to prove a point. The adventure DNA runs deep even into the entry-level models of the Land Rover fleet. We chose the most affordable in the range and resisted every impulse to modify them.

To which Land Rover owners will this trip appeal to and why?

AM: There are top-of-the-range Land Rovers populating every car park of every city mall across every province in South Africa. There are folks who jump into an aircraft and jet off to some overseas destination for their annual vacation when there is so much more to be seen here on our own continent. We want to show these Landy owners easy road-tripping through the world’s greatest continent.

What other aspects of African travel will you be focusing on during the trip?

AM: Apart from the pain-free border crossings and showing our readers all the sights and sounds of Africa, we’ll also be on a quest to do our bit for tourism in Africa. While visiting several luxury lodges en route we want to find out how each of them impact on the local economy and the communities. They’ve been applying the ‘green’ aspect long before ‘green’ was trending in the hospitality industry. So we want to find out how they do things differently.

And local celebrity chef Reuben Riffel’s involvement?

AM: Last year, my wife bought me a T-shirt that said: ‘Eat Well. Travel Often’ – and I’m living up to that motto. Just kidding. We met Reuben during the launch of the Range Rover Sport last year and I was so impressed by how down-to-earth this famous local chef is. He spoke of doing a possible collaboration on a book, a sort of travelogue with food being the thread throughout. He’s keen to learn some local taste and flavours and to pass on some of the skills which have made Reuben’s one of the top restaurants in South Africa.

The objective of your film crew?

AM: We’re taking a fat chance with a young film crew and we’re working together to get as many sights and experiences down on film as possible, especially the cooking segments along the way. And depending on the results, we’ll look to pitch the idea to one of the big international television networks.

How will readers be able to

keep track of our progress?

AM: Our tracking partner Altech Netstar

has built an interactive website that’ll keep track of our progress throughout Africa. We’ll be encouraging folk to visit this website and our social media platforms to guess the distance travelled each week. We’ll be doing weekly give-aways as well.

What message would you give to those armchair travellers reading this?

AM: This trip has always been about the readers and bringing them up-to-date information on border-crossings, cool places to stay and see. We’ll definitely be able to tick all the boxes if we could encourage readers to get off their couches, into their cars and into Africa.

What the sponsors have to say


Founded in Botswana in 1983, Wilderness Safaris is widely acclaimed as the continent’s foremost ecotourism operator. They provide guests with spectacular journeys in some of the most remote and pristine areas of Africa and help conserve its biodiversity and share ecotourism’s benefits with rural people.

Interview with:

Tarryn Gibson,

communications manager

Why decide to support this expedition?

TG: The Swahili word for ‘safari’ means ‘long or adventurous expedition’ and we felt that there were great synergies between LRA’s exciting exploration of Africa and our offering of providing life-changing journeys to Africa’s remote and exclusive wilderness areas. It’s also a great opportunity to showcase our Wilderness Safaris Residents Programme which offers African residents fantastic last-minute special offers.

What are some of the aspects of the expedition that you’re looking forward to?

TG: We are looking forward to sharing our renowned Wilderness hospitality with     Reuben and the team, and showcasing some of our exclusive camps set in such diverse environments – from the iconic Sossusvlei dunes in Namibia to the majestic Zambezi River and fertile landscapes of Malawi.

Is the impact on local communities an important focus area for Wilderness Safari lodges?

TG: Our whole business model is based on the 4Cs (Conservation, Community, Culture and Commerce). All 4Cs have to be in place in order to run a successful ecotourism operation and therefore both our internal and external communities are an incredibly important part of our business. Non-profit organisation, Children in the Wilderness (CITW), began in Malawi in 2002 and has since then hosted over 900 children at CITW camp programmes at Mvuu Camp, as well as Eco-Clubs in the nearby villages, and provided scholarships for a number of children in secondary school. Nanthomba School just outside Liwonde National Park has been transformed from a derelict building with no furniture, into a well-run school for 400 children.

Quick word of advice for the team?

TG: You have a jam-packed itinerary so don’t forget to take the time to savour the small things and really absorb the incredible wealth of wildlife and beautiful scenery as you travel through some of Africa’s most remarkable wilderness destinations.


As a company of professionals in the art of imaging, Nikon will always stay true to the essential value of the image – the promise of reliable quality. This is the solid foundation that enables them to continue to meet all your imaging needs.

Interview with:

Grant Askham,


Why decide to support this expedition?

GA: We have a long standing relationship with Land Rover Centurion and the synergy between our two brands just works so incredibly well.  Both brands epitomise adventure and together we are able to create exciting photographic excursions for all levels of photography. We have partnered with them on many exciting projects including our Nikon DF launch earlier this year.

What are some of the aspects of the expedition that you’re looking forward to?

GA: We look forward to seeing all the thrilling adventures the team will capture on their Nikons, and we are excited to show how well our cameras will perform under these extreme conditions.

Tell us about the equipment you’re sponsoring for the trip?

GA: The team will be taking along the Nikon D800 which boasts 36 megapixels, delivers extremely low noise, incredible dynamic range and the most faithful colours, with fast and precise 51-point wide area coverage. The D800 also offers broadcast quality Full HD video so every memory from this adventure will be captured.

Quick word of advice for the team?

GA: Good luck – we look forward to seeing how you have captured the spirit of Africa in your photos.


Culinary Equipment Company are importers and distributors of catering equipment from Europe with an emphasis on quality and heritage brands. Culinary offers premium products with premium after-sales service.

Interview with:

Nicole Lombaard,

design and marketing

Why decide to support this expedition?

NL: The Land Rover brand has always been synonymous with a thirst for adventure and when the opportunity arose to co-sponsor the expedition, Culinary jumped at the chance to align itself with such an ambitious exploration. Culinary has always pushed the boundaries of the norm and this was another way to explore the unknown and get the Culinary name out to the more adventurous food-loving people.

What are some of the aspects of the expedition that you’re looking forward to?

NL: Culinary is all about food, and we’re particularly excited to see chef Reuben’s creations that he will be conjuring up while away from his usual five-star kitchen. It will also be interesting to see how travelling through Africa and being exposed to the multitude of different cultures will have an effect on his strong South African flavours.

Tell us about the equipment you’re sponsoring for the trip?

NL: Culinary will be sending the best-of-trade kitchen tools along with the trip. Quality tools and ingredients are paramount in creating exciting and flavourful dishes – and at Culinary we ensure that we only source from the best manufacturers in Europe.

Quick word of advice for the team?

NL: Don’t forget your padkos!